Talus' Crunchy Cookie

Posted by: Ursula Ross - uross@conceptseti.com - May 28, 1999

Nuts, shelled and ground (recommend walnuts and pecans)
whole wheat flour
white flour
(optional: food coloring, fruit juice)

Our African Grey, Talus, loves crunchy junk foods like chips and cookies, but won't eat his nuts. The answer? Talus' Crunchy Cookie!

Grind the nuts very fine, and mix with about a quarter to a half cup of whole wheat flour. Stir in a few tbss of white flour. Add enough water to make a very dry, stiff dough (it doesn't take much!); knead for a minute or two. Break off tbs-sized pieces and roll each out flat and thin on a floured surface. Bake on a hot, unoiled, cast-iron skillet, flipping occasionally. DO NOT cook on a non-stick pan. The cookie is done when it begins to turn gold-brown with some black spots. Cool and serve-- a crunchy, healthy treat!

Options: Add a few drops of red or blue food coloring to tint the cookie. Replace some of the water with fruit juice to sweeten, and cook on a lower heat.

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