Emilie's Birdie Soup

Posted by: Emilie Flack - emwtbonnie@yahoo.com - June 10, 1999

1/4 cup fresh/washed veggies (your choice-finely chopped)
1-3 hard boiled egg(s) finely chopped
1 jar baby food (veggies-your choice)
1/4 ground-up mineral block
Any type parakeet seed (your bird's fave)

Take a microwave-safe bowl and put the fresh veggies in. Do the same with the egg. Carefully dump the ground-up mineral block in. Heat the baby food until warm and put it in. Put in microwave for 1 min. or until warm. Let cool until lukewarm, then carefully dump the seed in. Serve (NOT TOO HOT!). All budgies/ smaller birds should love it.

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