Grains, Pasta, & Veggie Mix

Posted by: Bobbi Brinker - March 11, 1997

1 cup several different grains. Cook separately so there will be many flavors.
1 cup cooked pasta (orzo) - roughly chop several hot peppers into cooking water.
1 cup brown rice - cook with 1 tbs of cinnamon.
1-2 chopped onions - boil a couple of minutes - drain

Add several of the following:
broccoli - steamed lightly and chopped
small bag of frozen sweet peas - don't thaw
small bag frozen sweet corn - don't thaw
toasted sunflower kernels
chopped nuts
dried cranberries, blueberries, cherries
mango, papaya or other dried fruits chopped
variety of beans cooked separately, seasoned with a head of garlic chopped or a handful of green or red hot peppers roughly chopped

Use about 2 tbs. for bigger birds, and about 1 tbs. for conures or cockatiels. Package into baggies in 3 day portions, about the maximum time it is safe in the refrigerator. Remaining baggies can be stored frozen for an indefinite period.

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