Gertie's Great Griddle Cakes

Posted by: Stephanie Williamson - - September 5, 1999

1 pkg. Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
1 egg, including shell (wash egg and grind shell thoroughly)
leftover seeds (if you own a bird, you know what I mean)*
1 Tbs. hummus (this was roasted garlic hummus)
1 Tbs. peanut butter (this was smooth, but chunky would have been nummier)
1 Tbs. honey (actually just dumped it in and didn't measure it
1/3 Cup milk or so

I dumped it all in except for the milk. Mixed it up and then started to add milk. I got it to muffin consistency, but then I remembered reading about someone making a cookie on cast iron, so I decided to make griddlecakes. Gertie (my U2) is still trying to decide if they are edible, but Cassanova (my rotten Standard Poodle puppy) has already stolen at least one and pronounced it delicious. He stands with his nose pressed to the bars when Gertie is eating out of her treat bowl. He thinks he is abused!

Dumped it by 1/8 cup amounts onto a very hot cast iron pan. Let it get dry on the edges and bubbles on top and then flipped. They were a bit hard to flip and the first ones weren't pretty, but who cares! Will let you know if miss picky Gertie decides they are edible.

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