Tooty's Dinner-Time Carbo Munchie Delite

Posted by: Mengyao Aghamohseni - - March 1, 2001

carrots and/or broccoli (chopped finely)
frozen vegetables (thawed)
fresh fruits chopped finely or medium fine
garbanzo beans and/or black beans frozen (thawed or canned drained and rinsed out)
vitamin supplement or baby bird hand feeding formula (kaytee)
optional: any other goodies (chopped nuts, hard boiled eggs, peppers, etc.)
optional: baby food

Make about an amount your bird(s) will consume in a week or less.
Boil pasta and spaghetti till cooked enough. While its cooling off, add the beans, then finely chopped carrots and/or broccoli to the mix so it will release some vitamin K as well. After it has cooled, add some goodies you want in it (hard boiled eggs, chopped nuts,etc.) Add your fresh chopped fruits (apple, banana, grape, etc.), baby bird handfeeding formula, vitamins, and/or baby food.

Mix all ingredients well together. Use your hands to break the pasta and spaghetti into smaller chunky pieces, or put in a blender to mash it all up. Roll them into 1 inch balls, adding more hand feeding formula or vitamins if it gets too sticky. Serve 1 or 2 balls to your bird depending on size, and pack the rest in a freezer bag in the freezer for later use. Hope your birds enjoy this yummy, nutritious, home-made meal.

*note*:its your choice to pick a reasonable amount of each ingredient to add, but my suggestion is that half of this mix should be the pasta/spaghetti. The rest should be a little bit of fruits veggies, beans, baby bird formula, other goodies, etc. My birds like them fairly mashed but kind of chunky so I don't blend it up. It's up to you. If you have any concerns or like to share your own birdie recipe, please email me.

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