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Unique Baby Gifts and Kid Gifts--All products made by Moms! :-)

Buy kids bedroom furniture for decorating children's rooms - loft bed & bunk beds, children's bean bag chairs, discount bedding - Great site!

Including Leap Frog and Baby BumbleBee Educational Toys and DVDs. Free shipping provided with every purchase at Little Smarties Educational Toy Store. Educational Toys for the Little Smarties in your life.

Suite 101 - Real People, helping real people.  A comprehensive list of the best web-sites.  Fun stuff, chat, etc.  GREAT site!

Autism & ADHD - This site is dedicated to her son Troy, who has ADHD and Autism. It is a reflection of her personal experience in dealing with ADHD in children, and sharing the knowledge she has gained in over 10 years of raising a child with ADHD and Autism.

ADHD Spectrum

 This club is designed to support everyone who deals with ADHD and its traveling companions. Friends, Parents, Teachers, Caregivers,  etc.......

Teen Drug Abuse

Information and resources for Parents about the teen drug abuse problem in America.

Baby Kicks - Wonderful Hemp Goods For Baby.  A mother run site offering products to Parents.

Infant Potty Training - Have you ever thought about how babies were toilet trained in the days before diapers?  There is a growing community of mothers who are using infant potty training.

LoneDad's - A devoted single dad talks about his journey into parenthood and the struggles men have in society.

Parenting Today's Teen is an online publication for parents of teens featuring articles and columns written by parents and professionals; a bulletin board, chat room and email parenting support group; a bookstore and more. 

Informative articles, resources, games, forums, child safety information & more! They're not only for parents - they have information to interest everyone!"

Baby Place - the starting point for parents for information on pregnancy, birth, and babies since 1995.

Parent Power - Offers tips, articles, guidance and has books and audiotapes on discipline and toilet teaching.

Parenting Power in the Early Years is just that--the confidence resource for all who find themselves raising a newborn to kindergartner! Covering from how to be a successful parent, when to start solid foods, when to begin toilet teaching, and how to handle tantrums or biting, to knowing if a child is ready for kindergarten, speaker and author Brenda Nixon offers quick, practical guidance.

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