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Homework Struggles

Your child is now into the new school year and that haunting nightmare has come back to you, last year's homework battles. You know, that familiar phrase, "Ah Mom, I'll do it later," from the backyard or the Sony game. The homework conflict has similar attributes to the bath and bedtime struggles, except when it comes to homework, the teacher knows who wins and loses!

By it's sheer nature, homework has never been really popular. It requires kids to stop what they're doing, and give their brains a mental workout. Some kids would rank it right up there with, say, getting a tooth filled or getting a shot. The fact is, homework is a part of life, (or a necessary evil, depending on who you ask). So, we here at PRC have put together some tips to help you establish an organized "homework haven," where your kids can really study, should they feel the urge!


Homework is an important part of the learning process as well as an important link between the home and school. By completing homework students will:

  1. Develop regular study habits and self-discipline which is important to effective study habits and independent work skills.
  2. Learn to budget time more effectively.
  3. Come into contact with the many varied out-of-school learning resources

By reviewing homework, parents will be kept informed regarding the status of their child's instructional program and process. Homework is a shared responsibility of home and school with students, parents and teachers working together.

Responsibility of Students

Complete homework assignments as assigned and submit to teacher on time.

Responsibility of Parents:

Provide a quiet study area, review assignments with your child, encourage your child to keep you informed of progress on long term assignments, and see that your child organizes materials for return to the teacher on time.

Responsibility of Teachers:

Plan homework related to classroom objective, check and return homework promptly, check for student understanding, ask for progress reports on long term assignments, and inform parents when a student fails to complete homework assignments.

The amount of time required for daily homework will vary, but should generally follow a 5 to 10 minute home study times the grade level as an estimate.

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