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Yes, There Is A Real Solution To The Cyclical Turmoil Of PMS & PMDD

This award-winning site enjoys a coveted long-standing reputation for providing trusted, comprehensive, independent information on PMS and PMDD.

The range of free services includes the original on-line PMS Diagnostic Test, The PMS Research Project questionnaires, On-line Q&A, Resources, and an introduction to the ground-breaking publications, Transition... the passage into wellness and The PMDD Hand Book.


The Mystery of PMS

"When someone hands you the tools to build a better life, grasp them with enthusiasm."

The journey to PMS-free health and harmony begins with a single step. All the information you need to embark on the road to wellness follows. Please read through all the linked sections of this web site. A wealth of useful information awaits.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a complex disorder affecting millions of women. The PMS Research Project has documented more than 150 symptoms of PMS and PMDD, ranging in severity from body aches and water retention to migraine headaches and fatigue; from irritability and impatience to suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions.

It is estimated that 80% of women of reproductive age experience symptoms of PMS. For some women the symptoms are relatively moderate. However, many women experience symptoms which are overtly severe and debilitating. Still others experience a specific and extremely severe set of symptoms known as PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). While the numbers are staggering, the medical profession remains at odds when it comes to the cause, diagnosis, and correct treatment. Many doctors still doubt the existence of PMS and PMDD. As a result PMS and PMDD are not always accurately identified or treated. Often, women's concerns are not taken seriously which leads to feelings of self-doubt, frustration and hopelessness.

If you are interested in participating in a confidential research project exploring the labyrinth of PMS and PMDD, or if you need comprehensive, timely information, please read on. The Understanding PMS site is divided into five sections to make navigation easy. To get the most out of this site, please visit each link. (Just click on the buttons.)

Deborah Robbins is the Executive Director of The PMS Research Project as well as the managing editor and writer of the publication series Transition... the passage into wellness and the Understanding PMS web site. VizAbility Print Communications graciously publishes Transition pro-bono. This ensures the complete series is affordable and available world-wide while providing readers an invaluable, advertisement-free publication.

Deborah's approach is sui generis; she is an award-winning professional writer and researcher with 14 years experience. She has conducted this research unencumbered by the constrained beliefs of conventional medical theory. Editors have labelled her 'The Jane Goodall of PMS research'; a monicker she humbly embraces.

Since its inception in 1996 The PMS Research Project has strived to provide comprehensive counselling and guidance to help women understand and learn to control their symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

After countless hours of research, interviews and scientific inquiry The PMS Program evolved. This ground-breaking program embraces the principles of natural medicine and enables women with PMS and PMDD to treat the cause of the problem instead of merely masking the symptoms.

By addressing individual symptoms in a proactive manner, The PMS Program represents a path of treatment that could change the way conventional medicine views premenstrual syndrome.

Women report that they have discovered a new awareness and understanding of their physical and emotional self through The PMS Program featured monthly in the publication, Transition...the passage into wellness.

Women (and men) say that the Understanding PMS web site and the on-line questionnaires have given them hope and food for thought. Deborah is truly grateful for such comments--both as a woman and a writer.

Deborah knows the complexities of PMS intimately. She suffered from premenstrual dysphoric disorder--the most severe form of PMS--for 25 years. She shuffled repeatedly from doctor to pharmacist, and fell through the cracks in the medical system many times along the way. In 1996, her overwhelming need to 'take control' became the catalyst for The PMS Research Project.

"PMDD was a destructive and debilitating entity in my life from puberty," she admits. "It's interesting to note that PMDD was unheard of until recently, and PMS was something doctors shrugged off. Sheer determination was my only resource. Today all my symptoms are controlled, and many have been eliminated, as a result of this program of unified nutritional and lifestyle practices. If I can beat PMDD, you can. After all, I spent several years researching, developing and refining this program -- all you have to do is embrace it. When someone hands you the tools to build a better life, grasp them with enthusiasm."

In 1997 The PMS Program was successfully tested through a controlled study. Annual surveys continue to monitor the success of participants following the program through Transition. Since its inception, thousands of women have found relief from PMS and PMDD through The PMS Program available through the publication series Transition...the passage into wellness.

While your questions and comments are always welcome, please read through the entire Understanding PMS site first. (Just click on the buttons.) You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you are ready and willing to learn how to 'take control' and conquer PMS and PMDD, the publication series, Transition... the passage into wellness, and The PMDD Handbook will provide you with unprecedented information, timely research, motivation, and support.

Private consultations are available by telephone for women seeking individual guidance and support. To arrange an appointment, call (780) 468-9633.

"Your interest is greatly appreciated, and I hope the resulting body of work will--with candour and compassion--shed welcome light on the complexity and confusion surrounding PMS and offer hope to the millions of women struggling with premenstrual syndrome."

Take Care...Take Control

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