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Specific Objectives = Goals Attained
By Patricia Chadwick

Last week we took a look at the importance of setting goals for the coming year. As we think of these objectives, we might wonder what types of goals we should be setting. This is something personal. To set my goals I use a loose-leaf notebook with a yearly calendar in it. I break the notebook into 12 categories. You may find that more or less works for you. Think about what is important to you and set out to attain it!


Let's get started! Below are some helpful ideas:



~Spiritual Goals~

This section will help you focus on what you would like to accomplish spiritually during the year. You might want to include things like:


*Studying the Bible more in depth

*Reading through the Bible in a year

*Practice the spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, journaling, etc.)

*Learn to be quiet and listen to God's voice and then do what he says!

*Read a certain Christian Book

*Develop a certain character trait

*Work on loving your neighbor as yourself


~Family Goals~

In this section you will focus on what you wish to accomplish as a family. It may include character traits you wish to instill in your children. You may want to include things like:


*Work on treating each other with respect

*Discuss sexuality with my young teen

*Help your teen prepare to get his license

*Work on developing a closer relationship

*Help teens become more independent and self-sufficient

*Train teens in various practical living skills

*Continue to develop Bible study skills

*Have family devotions

*Strive to eat supper together at least 5 times a week


You may also want to break it down into separate goals for each member of your family.


~Marriage Goals~

This section will help you focus on improving your marriage relationship.

You may want to include things such as:


*Work on understanding my spouse better

*Read 2 marriage enrichment books this year

*Remember to show respect and love

*Find a counselor who can help with marital difficulties (if needed)

*Plan a "date night" at least once a month

*Pray meaningful prayers for my spouse


~Personal Goals~

This section will help you focus on yourself. What goals do you want to attain personally in the coming year? Do you have hopes and dreams for your own future? This is the place to write them down!

You may want to include items such as:


*Take a college class community college

*Learn how to use the internet more efficiently

*Learn how to design web sites

*Read at least 3 books "just for fun"

*Make one new friend

*Work on living healthy - eating better, exercise, etc.


~Financial Goals~

This section will help you focus on making ends meet and saving for the future. You may want to include items such as:


*Stay out of debt

*Tithe regularly

*Work on living more simply

*Begin saving $40 per month in savings

*Eat out only once a week to save money

*Work out an investment plan


~Business Goals~

This is a section every WAHM will want to work on. You many include items such as:


*Develop a business plan for a new home business

*Research new marketing techniques

*Read at least one book on improving your home business

*Find a new customer base



~Education Goals~

Some families homeschool, others have their teens attend public or private day schools. Some have children in college. This section will help you develop educational goals for your family. You may include items such as:


*Decide whether homeschooling is right for your family

*Decide on which school your teens should be attending

*Help teens plan their schedule for next year

*Help teens develop ideas of what careers they'd enjoy as adults

*Look into colleges and scholarships with older teens

*Develop a savings plan for college


~House Goals~

This section will help you to put (and keep!) your house in order. You may include items such as:


*Shampoo Rugs

*Spring Clean

*Paint the Kitchen

*Clean out closets & toss old clothes

*Read a book on organization

*Have house powerwashed & windows washed

*Keep lawn mowed


After you set your goals, put your notebook in a place where it is readily available to you. You don't want to just write the goals down and forget about them! Throughout the year, make a special effort to get out the goal notebook and review it and see how your doing. If you need to work harder on certain objectives, then make a note of it and work harder! If you've accomplished a goal, check it off. If you do this consistently, by the end of the year, you will be amazed at how much you've accomplished and will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did indeed hit what you aimed for!




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