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Asking Great Questions
By Patricia Chadwick

Do you want to know what your teen is really thinking? Try asking
great questions. Too many times we ask closed questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer. Does this sound familiar:

“How was school?” “Good”

“Do you have homework?” “No”

“How was the game” “Okay”

We need to learn to ask specific questions that require thought and will encourage conversation. Why not try some of these:

* Was that test in Spanish as hard as you thought? What were some of the questions on it? Which question was the hardest for you?

* Who scored the highest in the basketball game after school? Were there any amazing plays?

* How many people came to Lindsay’s birthday party last night?
What kind of presents did she get.


On a more personal level why not try asking things like:

* What do you think Heaven looks like?

* What kind of person would you like to marry?

* What’s the nicest thing I ever did for you?

* What’s the best thing you remember from your childhood?

* If you could travel anywhere in the world ­ where would you like to visit? Why?

The list could go on and on…and it should! Why not make your own
and begin asking your teen questions that will lead to meaningful


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