Water Games

Water relay

Divide into 2 teams. Give each team the same amount of water balloons and water soaked sponges. Designate a race point. The 2 teams race. Any player hit by a water object is out. The team that has the most players left and get to the race point first wins


Balloon Squat

This relay needs 2 teams with an equal amount of players. Also needed is one water balloon for each player and maybe an extra or two in case you break any before you start.

Make start and finish lines about 20 feet apart. Place the water balloons in 2 piles at the starting line. Call out "go" and the first person on each team grabs a balloon and races to the finish line. They must then sit on their balloon and pop it. Then they run back to the starting line. Then it is the next persons turn. If a player drops his/her balloon or drops it on the way, They must go back and start again. The first team to go through all players and pop all ballooons is the winner.


Water Limbo

Get a garden hose and turn it on all the way. Put your thumb over the opening to create one line of water. Now do the limbo. Each time around the water gets lower and lower. The losers are soaked.


Water Vaulting

Get a garden hose and turn it on all the way. Put your thumb over the opening to create one line of water. Everyone forms a line and one person at a time, jumps over the stream of water. The winner is the person who lasts the longest without getting wet.


Balloon Toss

Fill up water balloons. One balloon for each two people. Form teams. Two lines facing each other, about 10 feet apart. Partners throw water balloons to each other to catch. If they drop the balloon they must exit the game. After each toss step back 1 foot. Winners are the remaining partners.

You can also play this game with sponges.


Sponge relay

Mark out a relay course. Split into teams. Each team balances a spong on their head and races to the end of the course. If you drop the sponge you must start all over.

The winner is the team that finishes first.


Dodge the sponge

This game is played like dodge ball except with a sponge. Players stand in a circle, with one person in the middle. The object is to throw the sponge at the person in the middle. If they get hit, they must pick someone to be in the middle. The person that was hit gets to throw the spong first.


Water balloon fight

Fill up water balloons. Now lets have fun. Choose safety zones. Now balloon fight away.

Don't get too wet.

You can do this with sponges too.


Fill the cup

Give each person a spoon. Race to see which team can fill their cup first. You can use big bowls to put the water in. Each person must use the spoon to fill the cup.


Ice cube relay

Fill up a wading pool. Throw in some ice cubes. Set a timer and see who can take out the most ice cubes with their toes. You can only use your toes to do it though.