Pool Games

Sea horse race

You need three people at least for this game. One is the judge and the others are seahorse jockeys. Each jockey has an innertube. Start at one end of the pool. The judge says go. The jockeys race to the other end of the pool. The first one there is the winner.

You Can also use noodles for this game instead of innertubes.


Tunnel tag

Play this game in the shallow end of the pool. You need three people to play. More if possible. One person is the tagger. The other players try not to get tagged. If you are tagged you must stand still with your legs apart. To get free another player must swim through your legs. The last person that is tagged is the tagger.


Marco Polo

You need at least 3 people. One of them is IT. IT has to close his/her eyes (use hands). Count to 10. After IT has counted to 10 then IT searches for the other players with IT'S eyes still covered or shut. If it wants to IT can call out Marco and the other players must say Polo. Once IT tags another player, that person is IT.

This is done in a swimming pool.


Sea horses and mermaids

This game is played in the shallow end of the pool. You need at least 5 people. (2 seahorses, 2 mermaids and the caller) The more people the better.

The seahorses make a circle and the mermaids stand behind them. The caller calls out either mermaids or seahorses. If the caller calls out mermaids the mermaids must swim like a mermaid with legs together, clockwise around the circle and take their place behind the seahorse. The last mermaid in place is out and so is his/her partner.

If the caller calls out seahorses. The seahorse must back out between the mermaids legs and then swim clockwise around the circleback under partners legs and stand up. The last seahorse back to his/her place is out. So is his/her partner.

The last pair left is the winner.

This is done in a swimming pool.