Parent's Resource Center

Rules of the Kitchen

1 Wash your hands with soap and water before you begin.
2 Read the whole recipe carefully before starting. If you don't understand any part, ask an adult to help you. .
3 Collect all the ingredients and equipment you need for the recipe before you start to cook.
4 Do one step of the recipe at time. Do not skip steps.
5 Ask an adult to help you when a recipe calls for boiling water, a microwave, stove, oven, or a sharp knife.
6 Measure carefully, using the correct equipment.
7 Use the size of pan called for in the recipe.
8 Follow the times given in the recipe. If a recipe says chill for one hour, be sure to chill the mixture for at least one hour.
9 Clean up when you are finished!
10 Share your tasty creations with family and friends.