is it worth it?

Thinking about seeking revenge on someone who has wronged us is pretty normal. Thinking about revenge is a part of the anger process. Seeking revenge is another matter.  You wonder if it will make a difference, if it will cause this person to change their behavior.

So how does this reflect on thoughts of revenge? We all think about revenge against someone some time in our life. For instance, I recently had a bout with a so-called "friend".  I 'thought' we were like sisters, we had so much in common, I truly cared very deeply for this person.  Lately, we've been fighting about a 3rd party, who is clearly not good for my 'friend'.  But my 'friend' didn't see it that way, and only saw me as jealous and interfering.  It is true the old saying of "when your in it, you can't see clearly" that is her case 100%, I finally decided to back off but she went to far and went to this 3rd party with my private thoughts.  She knows she was wrong, she also knows deep down inside she is not a good friend, she is a betrayer.  Betrayer of my confidence and for that, I've learned she was never my friend in the first place.  So where do you go?

I've been thinking about revenge for a while now.  It doesn't consume me, but I am very tempted to right my wrong, to show these idiots I'm dealing with how stupid they truly are.  I've been going back and forth, trying to decide what to do here.  Or am I the bigger person, will just go away and leave well enough alone.  After all, I've learned a valuable lesson, people over the Internet, aren't what they appear to be.  They look great in print, so caring, such a good friend!  Right!  I'll never make that mistake again.  Or will I?  I have several friends over the Internet, none of them have ever done me wrong, just this one 'friend'.  

So, just what is the moral of this story?  Time will tell, I still haven't decided what I'm going to do.  I know this much, I will never trust someone over the Internet again, nor will I be lulled into a false sense of security with them either.  I've learned a lot over the past two weeks, a lesson in life that obviously was needed.

Thanks for listening....................