Activity: Treat Bag


Ages:            3-5,  6-8                              What you'll need: Small Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Location:     Indoors                                                                   Orange Construction Paper
Skills:          Coordination, Small Motor                                  Markers or Crayons
                                                                                                      Adult Scissors
                                                                                                      Safety Scissors
Non-Toxic Glue
Halloween is probably most kids favorite holiday with the exception of Christmas.  Allowing a child to design their own treat bag makes it that much more special.

What to do:
Give your child brown lunch-size paper bags to decorate and plenty of crayons, construction paper, glue, and safety scissors. Cut some orange circles ahead of time that your child can use to glue on as pumpkins. 

These can also be made ahead of time for parties or used at a Halloween party having the children make their own treat bags for their favors.

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