Activity: Magazine Match

Ages:              3-5,  6-8                     What you'll need: Old Magazines
Location:       Indoors                                                         Construction Paper
Skills:           Small motor, imagination                          Non-Toxic Glue
                                                                                               Safety Scissors
                                                                                            pie tins or other sturdy
                                                                                               Craft Sticks

These magazine match activities can be prepared ahead of time and placed in your child's "Kid Kit" so that they are ready for those times when he needs something to do and you need some quiet time :-)

What to do:
This activity will keep your child entertained for hours.  Make Magazine Match pages ahead of time by selecting four interesting and simple pictures. 

Then fold a piece of construction paper to make eight boxes.  Hold the paper vertically so that there are two columns of four boxes each.  Glue the magazine pictures in the boxes on the left side.  Your child can then draw the same picture in the boxes on the right side. 

To make this a more in-depth activity, your child can also select the pictures, cut them out, and glue them on the paper before making the drawings.  Put a small amount of glue into a pie tin or container and have your use a craft stick to spread it.  You can also extend this activity by using the boxes on the back of the construction paper.

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