Activity: Face Painting


Ages:            3-5,  6-8                        What you'll need:  Plastic Tablecloth
Location:     Indoors                                                               Stand-up Mirror
Skills:          Coordination, Small Motor                               Poster Paints
                                                                                                   Plastic Cups
                                                                                                   Old Clothes
                                                                                                   Small Paintbrushes
                                                                                                   Paper Towels
                                                                                        Baby wipes or hand wipes
This face-painting activity will amuse your child, but make sure he/she starts by putting on old clothes!

What to do:
Mix several kinds of poster paint and place a stand-up mirror on the covered table so your child can easily see themselves.

Then let your child paint their own face.  Suggest some ideas, such as Rudolph's nose or a cat's whiskers, or let your child's imagination run wild.  Then let your child paint their own face.  

This makes an interesting activity for a party and is best done outside.  Poster paint is non-toxic and cannot harm your child.  However, if your child has particularly sensitive skin, you may want to be extra cautious.  To prevent injury to the face, supervise your child at all times.  Keep baby or handy wipes and paper towels on hand for clean up. 

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