Activity: Sentence Tic-Tac-Toe


Ages:           6-8, 9-12                    What you'll need:   Strips of paper
Indoors                                                             Marker
Language, social                                               Chalkboard and chalk

This unique game gives children a chance to test and develop their knowledge of sentence parts. Players also develop social skills when they work cooperatively together to determine the correct answer.

Game leader
6 to 20 players

Rules of play:
1. Players divide into two teams. One team is the X team and the other one is the 0 team.

2. One player from a team draws a sentence strip.

3. The player reads the sentence aloud and names the part of speech for the underlined word. The game leader checks the master list to see if the player is correct.

4. If the player is correct, he or she puts an X or an 0 on a square of the grid. If the player is incorrect, the team doesn't get to mark a space on the grid.

5. The first player of the next team then draws a sentence strip. Play continues until one team has made tic-tac-toe.

Sentence List:
1. The trapeze artist swung back and forth. (verb)
2. You can make a beautiful bowl. (adjective)
3. Your best friend will like it. (noun)
4. Carrie is the best pitcher on the team. (adjective)
5. A sea otter floats peacefully. (adverb)
6. The clanging alarm woke me up. (noun)
7. Six acrobats tumbled across the stage. (verb)
8. 1 drank a glass of cool water. (noun)
9. Rory ran quickly through the field. (adverb)
10. Trish squeezed the juicy orange. (adjective)
11. Two machines are slowly moving the earth. (adverb)
12. Gary's parents try to conserve energy. (verb)
13. Maria caught the ball. (proper noun)
14. Their instruments are homemade. (verb)
15. Jupiter is the biggest of all the planets. (adjective)
16. Very hot volcanoes formed the Hawaiian Islands. (proper noun)
17. A pigeon can fly farther than a parakeet. (adverb)
18. I made a color wheel from a paper plate. (verb)
19. The cat looked out the window. (noun)
20. The hungry man knocked at the door. (adjective)

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