Activity: Stump The Leader


Ages:           6-8, 9-12                                   What you'll need:  Imagination
Location:   Indoors, outdoors
Skills:          Language, thinking
Source:      Learning Exchange/Familyplay

Children must draw on their verbal abilities and critical thinking skills to answer questions without using the key words they would normally use.

4 to 20 players

What to do:
1. A player is chosen to be the leader and stands in front of the group. The leader must answer any questions the group asks.

2. Another player asks a question, picking one word that can't be used in the answer. For example, "How old are you? Don't use the word eleven."

3. The leader must answer each question without using the for- bidden word. For example, "I'm one year older than I was when I was ten," or "When I celebrate my next birthday, I'll be twelve,."

4. The group continues to ask questions, each time specifying a word that can't be used in the answer, until the leader is stumped and can't answer a question.

5. The person who stumped the leader takes over as the leader for the next round.

6. Score the game by counting the number of questions each leader is able to answer before being stumped. The person with the highest number of questions is the winner.

To make the game more challenging, pick two words that can't be used in the answer. For example, "Where do you go to school? Don't use the words Greenville or school."


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