Activity: Punctuation Emphasis


Ages:                9-12                              What you'll need:  Index cards
Location:        Indoors                                                              Marker
Skills:               Language, social
Source:              Familyplay
Children can practice using punctuation in both interpreting and constructing sentences in this easy-to-play game.

Game leader
5 to 10

What to do:
1. Make a set of punctuation cards for each player. Mark one index card with a period (), one with a question mark (?), and one with an exclamation point (!).

2. The first player picks a sentence to read aloud. (See the Sentence List.) The player should read the sentence with emphasis (declarative, explanatory, or interrogatory).

3. The other players show their interpretation of the emphasis by holding up their punctuation cards.

4. The game leader counts the number of correct punctuation cards. Each player with a correct card gets I point.

5. The game continues, with a new player reading a question.

Sentence List:
The towels are wet
The doorbell rang
My Dad loves chicken soup
Mom's car wouldn't start
My friends are mad
When are you going to eat
He did his homework
This is her first time on a roller coaster
Have you ever eaten lime pie
The dogs were walking on the tightrope
Eric loves snow
Cindy is a better runner
It rained for an hour
He looked everywhere
Our game was cancelled
Is that a new dress
It's too strong a tide to swim
The Dolphins have a new quarterback
What time did you leave

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