Activity: Famous People Jeopardy


Ages:           6-8, 9-12                            What you'll need:    Index cards
Location:   Indoors                                                                       Marker
Skills:          Language, thinking                                                    Paper
 Source:      Familyplay                                                                 
Bulletin board

This game will encourage children to make connections between factual clues and famous people. It develops kids' critical thinking skills as well as their language skills.

Game leader 2 to 3 players

What to do:
1. Choose 20 famous people and write a fact about each one on the front of the index card. Write the person's name on the back of the card.

2. Assign each card a point value, according to its difficulty. For example, a well-known fact about George Washington might have a value of 5 points. A fact about Amelia Earhart might be worth 20 points.

3. Make a list of the famous people and their facts for the game leader to use to check the answers.

4. Pin the cards on the bulletin board in rows according to their point values.

Rules of play:
1. The players sit in front of the bulletin board.

2. The game leader calls on a player to begin. The player picks a card under the point value he or she would like to attempt.

3. The game leader reads the fact on the card, and the player tries to name the famous person.

4. If the player is correct, the game leader takes down the card and gives it to the player.

5. If the player can't name the person, the game leader gives one of the other players a chance to name the person. Whoever names the person gets the card.

6. When all of the cards are gone, the players add up the points on their Cards. The player with the most cards wins.

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