Activity: Cause and Effect Toss


Ages:              6-8, 9-12                              What you'll need: Soft rubber ball or sponge
Location:     Indoors, outdoors
Skills:              Physical, language, thinking
Source:     Familyplay

This game can be played both indoors (with a soft ball) and outdoors, and children can practice constructing sentences that express a cause-and-effect relationship. A great activity for the kids at a family picnic or barbecue.

6 to 20 players

What to do:
1. The players sit in a large circle.

2. The first player holds the ball and says the first part of a cause-and-effect sentence.

For example:
     When the lights went out...
     If Joshua misses baseball practice...
     Since Daniel sold the most boxes of cookies...
     When Dad tried to start a fire...
     Because her bike was broken...

3. The player then tosses the ball to another player in the circle. The player who catches the ball must complete the sentence.

4. If the player completes the sentence, he or she starts a new sentence and tosses the ball to another player. If the player can't complete the sentence or drops the ball, the ball goes back to the person who tossed it. That player restates the beginning of the sentence and tosses the ball to another player in the circle.


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