Ages:           6-8, 9-12                                  What you'll need:     Index cards
Location:    Indoors, car                                                                      Marker
Skills:           Language, thinking                                       
Source:        Learning Exchange/Familyplay

The critical thinking skills of children are challenged when they are asked to describe normally beautiful things or experiences in negative terms. They must also draw on language skills to adequately convey their ideas through descriptive language. This makes a great road trip game.

2. When the song is over, the players check their lists and count the number of letters they have words for.

3. The scorekeeper checks the scores. The player with the most words wins. In case of a tie, the scorekeeper checks the spellings. The player with the most words that are spelled correctly wins.

4. The winner picks the next song for the players to use.

What to do:
Print words that describe beautiful things on the cards.
For example: vacation, new baby, airplane, park, rose, new penny, puppy, flowers, pizza, sunset, ocean, mountains, ice cream, sleigh ride, swan, swimming hole

Game leader
5 to 20 players

Rules of play:
1. The game leader shuffles the cards and places the deck facedown.

2. The first player draws the top card and looks at it. The player then must describe the object in a way that makes it sound ugly, unappealing, or unpleasant. For example, to describe a vacation the player might say, "It is too long, it is expensive, and you always get lost." To describe an ice cream cone, the player might say, "It's very messy, it runs down your hand, and it comes in strange flavors."

3. After the player has described the object, the group may ask five questions to try to guess what it is.

4. If no one guesses after the five questions, the game leader names the object and gives the player who described it 5 points.

5. The game continues with a new player describing another object. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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