Activity: Who's That Knocking on my Door?

Ages:             3-5                            What you'll need:  Assortment of your child's dolls
Location:     Indoors                                                              or stuffed animals
Skills:          Language, Thinking                                       A chair
Source:         Familyplay

This simple game utilizes your child's favorite pals - their stuffed animal collection - to improve their listening skills.

What to do:
Collect a number of your child's favorite dolls and toys. Then seat your child in a chair that is turned away from the collection.

Pick up one of the dolls or toys and then knock on the back of the chair. Have your child ask who is knocking on the "door." Disguise your voice as the toy and provide clues. For example, you might say, "It's me, your fuzzy bedtime friend." Give more clues if your child needs help determining which doll or toy is knocking.

After you've gone through all of the "friends", switch and let your child give the clues. Taking turns allows the child to develop their language skills as well as their listening skills.

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