Activity: Truthful Story


Ages:            6-8, 9-12                               What you'll need:     Paper 
Location:    Indoors                                                                             Pencils
Skills:           Language, thinking, social                                               Large,                                                                                                      numbered cards
Source:        Familyplay                                                                          (1-20)

This game encourages kids to express themselves as clearly as possible through written and oral language. They must also use critical thinking to remember the facts of other player's stories and also figure out which player is telling the truth. This is a really great game to play in the evenings during a group trip or outing.

What to do:
1.Each player writes a story about something that really happened. It can be about something that happened to the player recently or a long time ago. The story should contain as many facts as possible.

2. The game leader chooses three players. The players go out of the room with the leader, who picks one of the three stories to use. The three players go over the story until they are familiar enough with it to pretend it happened to them.

3. When the three players return to the room, they sit in front of the group.

4. The game leader reads the story aloud. The game leader then picks people to ask panel members questions. The panel members try to convince the group that they are telling the truth. The game leader turns over the number cards to remind the group of how many questions are left.

5. After 20 questions have been asked, the group votes on who wrote the story.

6. When the voting is over, the group leader asks the player who wrote the story to stand up.

7. The game may continue with a new story and new panel members.

Game leader
6 to 30 players

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