Activity: Picture Puzzles


Ages:             6-8,  9-12              What you'll need:    Magazines
Location:     Indoors                                                          Scissors           
Skills:            Language, art                                                Construction paper
Source:         Familyplay                                                    Glue
                                                                                              Watch or clock w/ a second hand
This activity adds an educational use to the traditional collage project. After children make their picture puzzles, players use their visual memories to recall as much of each other's pictures as possible. Kids also develop writing skills since they must also write descriptions of what they can remember.

2 to 30 players

What to do:
1. Each player gets a magazine, scissors, construction paper, and glue. The players cut pictures out of the magazines and glue them on the construction paper. The players should write their names on the back on the construction paper.

2. When all of the picture puzzles are completed, the timekeeper collects the puzzles. The timekeeper then puts someone else's puzzle facedown in front of each player.

3. When the timekeeper gives the signal, the players turn the puzzles over and look at them carefully for one minute.

4. When the timekeeper says stop, the players turn the puzzles facedown again.

5. The players then have three minutes to write down everything they remember seeing on the puzzles.

6. After three minutes are up, the players give the puzzles back to the people who made them, along with the lists to be checked.

7. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.

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