Activity: Next Letter


Ages:           6-8, 9-12                             What you'll need:   Paper
Location:    Indoors                                                                       Pencils
Skills:           Thinking, language
Source:       Learning Exchange/Familyplay

Kids get great practice in recalling alphabetical order in this game. They will like the idea of "secret code," and you might want to encourage them to incorporate this activity into an extended role-playing game of "spies" and "secret agents."

8 to 12 players

What to do:
1. Players form two teams. Each team is given a sheet of paper and a pencil.

2. Beginning at the same time, the first player on each team thinks of a three-letter word. The player then writes the word in code at the top of the paper, using the next letter of the alphabet for each letter of the word. For example, "out" would be written "pvu."

3. The player then passes the paper to the next player on the team. This player must write the correct spelling of the word and then write another three-letter word in code.

4. The paper is passed to each team member, with each one adding a word in code after decoding the previous player's word.

5. The first team to decode all the words correctly wins.

6. To start the game again, have the first player move to the back of the line.

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