Activity: Look All Ways


Ages:             6-8, 9-12                                 What you'll need:   Different colors of
                                                                                                              construction paper

Location:     Indoors                                                                           Scissors
Skills:            Language, thinking                                                       Marker
Familyplay                                                                     Envelope

This challenging game helps kids identify the different parts of sentences, and encourages them to be creative in constructing their own sentences.

What to do:
1. Cut the construction paper into playing cards.

2. Use one color for each sentence. Print a phrase from the sentence on each card. (See the Sentence List.)

3. Print the rules on the front of the envelope, and store the cards in the envelope when they are not in use.

3 to 6 players

Rules of play:
1. Each player needs paper and pencil. The dealer sorts the cards into color groups and deals a color group to each player, facedown.
2. When all of the cards have been dealt, the players may look at their cards and arrange them to form sentences.
3. The players write down the sentences they have formed.
4. The players then look for another combination of phrases that will form sentences from their sets of cards. All sentences should be written down.
5. When the players have written as many sentences as they can, they draw new sets of cards or exchange sets and follow the same procedure.
6. The player who forms the most sentences wins.

Sentence List
1. the brown leaves/fell/to the ground /yesterday/ because it was windy
2. last Sunday/Mom took us/to the park/because it was a warm, sunny day
3. last week/while skiing/in Vermont/Tom broke his arm
4. today/I rode my bike/to school/so I wouldn't be late
5. if I had/a lot of money/and/my own car/I'd take a trip to Disneyland
6. she swam/across the pool/in thirty seconds/while competing in a race
7. someday/I would like to become/a doctor/so I could help people
8. we could/form a baseball club/if people were interested/and /sell cards
9. once/we went/to the zoo/to see the animals/and/it rained
10. Saturday/we will go/to the football game/with friends

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