Activity: Headlines
Ages:           6-8, 9-12                         What you'll need:     Newspaper
Location:   Indoors                                                                      Scissors
Skills:          Language, thinking                                                   Glue
Source:       Familyplay                                                                
Index cards
Library pockets

Children must use their interpretive and critical thinking skills to try and match newspaper articles with their headlines. This is a stimulating activity for older children whose reading skills are expanding, and who want to test their abilities outside of traditional schoolwork.

What to do:
1. Cut short stories from the newspaper that are complete in one column.
2. Cut the headlines from the stories, and glue them on index cards.
3. Glue the library pockets on the poster board in a row, and glue the stories on the pockets.
4. Number the stories and put the corresponding numbers on the back of the index cards for self-checking.

Rules of play:
1. Players take turns trying to match headlines with the stories. The player puts the headline card into the story pocket.
2. When the player is through, he or she can check to see if the matches are correct by checking the numbers on the backs of the cards.
3. Players get 1 point for each correct match.

Make the game more challenging by using longer or more complicated stories.

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