Activity: From Here to There


Ages:         6-8, 9-12                            What you'll need:    Index cards
Location:    Indoors                                                                       Marker
Skills:        Language, thinking
Source:       Familyplay

Children will develop their classification and comparison skills in this word game. It will also encourage them to think of familiar objects in creative ways when they are asked to compare these objects within the range of opposing categories.

What to do:
1. Print a pair of opposites on each index card. (See the Opposites List.)

2. The players form a line. The first person in the line draws a card and reads the pair of opposites aloud.

3. The player then names something that would represent one extreme of the opposites. The next player names something that is not as extreme as the first object. The players in line continue to name things until the last player names something that represents the other opposite on the card.

4. The players should be careful to name something that would fit between what the player before said and what the player after might say. For example, for the "tall and short" card, the players might name the following things in order:

redwood tree
high diving board
basketball player
fence post

4. After each pair of opposites, the end player moves to the front of the line and draws a new card.


Play with two teams taking turns drawing cards. Time each round.

Opposites List:
tall and short
heavy and light
loud and quiet
hot and cold
wet and dry
dark and light
rough and smooth
dull and shiny
small and large
sweet and sour
sharp and dull
cheap and expensive
funny and serious
low and high
easy and difficult
slow and fast

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