Activity: Decorated Lunch Bags

Ages:              3-5,  6-8                                 What you'll need:   Lunch-size brown paper bags
Location:       Indoors                                                                         Crayons or markers
Skills:            Small motor, imagination                                          Construction Paper
                                                                                                               Safety Scissors
                                                                                                               Non-Toxic Glue

This is an activity that can be used almost at anytime.  Something that makes this extra special is that children can really use the bags for their own preschool/school lunches.

What to do:
This activity is an easy one that every child will love.  All that is needed are crayons and brown paper bags.  Your child can decorate his/her own bags for lunch or snacks.  Make it a weekend activity to create bags for the next week. 

Have your child draw pictures of the family, flowers, shapes, dots, lines, or anything else that he/she would like.  Also, provide scissors, construction paper, and non-toxic glue for your child to cut and paste shapes and designs on the bags.

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