Activity: Dare To Do It


Ages:         6-8                                                            What you'll need:   your imagination
Location:    Indoor, Car, Outdoor
Skills:           Language, Thinking
Source:        Familyplay

Since you don't need any materials, this game can be played anywhere: on a long car ride, lounging at an outdoor picnic, or inside on a rainy day. Encourage kids to be both logical and creative in their answers.

4 to 20 players

What to do:
1. One player is chosen to be the first leader. The leader thinks of something he or she would like to make. For example, the leader might say, "I would like to make a swimming pool."

2. Another player challenges the leader by naming something that wouldn't normally be used to do it. For example, "I'll bet you can't use a tree branch to make a swimming pool."

3. The leader must give a reasonable way to use the object to do what he or she would like to do. For example, "I could use a tree branch to mark the spot where I want my diving board."

4. When someone stumps the leader, that player takes over as the new leader.

5. Keep score by counting the number of objects named before the leader is stumped. The player with the highest number of objects wins.


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