Activity: Costume Masks


Ages:            3-5,  6-8                                      What you'll need:  Paper Plate
Location:     Indoors                                                                             Markers
Skills:          Coordination, Small Motor                                            Black Construction Paper
                                                                                                                Black Yarn
                                                                                                               Adult Scissors
                                                                                                               Ribbon or Yarn
Making your own mask for a Halloween party or for trick or treating is a fun and creative way for your child to become involved fully in the holiday.

What to do:
Provide crayons or markers, pieces of black yarn, construction paper, safety scissors, and non-toxic glue for your child to use.  Cut a large, simple triangle out of the black construction paper for a witch's hat, or, if capable, have your child do this.

Ask your child to draw a scary face on the back of a paper plate.  Have him/her glue on the pieces of yarn for hair and the black triangle for the witch's hat.  Suddenly your child will discover that his/her paper plate is a scary witch's face.

Cut eye holes and attach ribbon or yarn for ties if he/she wants to wear it.

Great for wearing or displaying on a wall or window.  Use the same mask idea for a black cat.  Simply have your child add triangular ears to the plate and color it.  Paper plate masks can be something your child does on a regular basis; his/her imagination is the only limit. 

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