Activity: Comparisons


Ages:          6-8, 9-12                                What you'll need:     Paper
Location:   Indoors                                                                            Pencils
Skills:          Language, thinking
Source:       Familyplay

Children will practice categorization skills in the first part of this word game, and must use critical and creative thinking in the second part to compare objects from very different categories.

What to do:
1. Divide the players into teams of two or three people. Each team divides a piece of paper into four squares.

2. Each team chooses four categories from the Categories List and prints one at the top of each square.

3. Team members brainstorm things in each category. For example, if one of the categories is food, the team might list banana, spaghetti, roast beef, apple, grapes, and taco. If the category is transportation, the team might list car, truck, train, jet, and skateboard.

4. When the teams have completed their lists, they circle an object in each of their categories. The team then writes these four objects on the back of the paper.

5. The teams trade papers. Each team gets five minutes to think of ways that the two objects are alike. For example, a banana is like a train because they are both long and narrow, both have insides, and both are narrow at one end.

6. The teams should make as many comparisons as possible. If they finish early, the teams can make more comparisons, using the other objects circled.

7. When the time is up, the teams read their comparisons. The teams earn a point for each comparison made.

4 to 12 players

Categories List:
famous people
things at the beach
music stars
things associated with school
things a police officer does
things found in a science lab
things that are red
things you see on the highway
state capitals
things found in a doctor's office
things used to write with
things made from trees
things found in a kitchen
famous places
favorite books
community helpers

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