Activity: Chalk Drawing


Ages:              3-5,  6-8                                   What you'll need:  Outdoor sidewalk area
Location:       Outdoors                                                                       Sidewalk chalk in a variety
Skills:            Small & Large Motor, Balance                                      of colors
                                                                                                                 Old Play Clothes

Drawing with chalk is a favorite for most preschool children.  It is easy, self-directed activity that will take  minimum preparation.  Just purchase sidewalk chalk which should be very inexpensive and readily available.  Buy several packages so you will never run out.

What to do:
Find a place for your child to draw.  If you do not have a sidewalk or cement area near your own home, most parks or playgrounds will have places where children are allowed to use sidewalk chalk since it washes off.

Have your child wear old play clothes because sidewalk drawing is messy.  Wearing clothes that can get dirty will give your child the freedom to enjoy the activity. 

Draw large hearts, squares, and circles for your child to draw pictures in or color;
Use chalk to trace an outline of your child.  Then let your child draw themselves;
Have your child draw with a friend.

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