Ages:            3-5, 6-8                       What you'll need:    CD or Tape Player                                                                                                  Pencils, Writing paper

                                                             Location:                   Indoor 
Skills:            Language, social                                              

Source:         Familyplay                                                                     
This game is a fun way for children to practice identifying letters through sound.  Designed for younger children still learning to read.  Try this activity at club meetings or a birthday party.

What to do:
1. Pick a song with clear, understandable words.
2. Have the players write a letter of the alphabet (A through Z) on each line of paper.

Up to 30 players

Rules of play:
1.  The scorekeeper starts the music. The players write each word they hear in the song beside   the  letter that begins the word. Only one word per letter will be counted, but players can write as   many words as they want.

2. When the song is over, the players check their lists and count the number of letters they have words for.

3. The scorekeeper checks the scores. The player with the most words wins. In case of a tie, the scorekeeper checks the spellings. The player with the most words that are spelled correctly wins.

4. The winner picks the next song for the players to use.

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